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Music Box – Il sound anni ’80 dei Lipps Inc

di Riccardo Annunziata

Lipps inc. I lipps inc sono stati un gruppo musicale di musica disco elettronica statunitense, famoso per il singolo “funkytown” del 1980. Nel 1979 pubblicarono “mouth to mouth”. Nel 1980 pubblicarono “pucker up”. Nel 1981 pubblicarono “designer music”. Nel 1983 pubblicarono “4”. Nel 1985 pubblicarono “hit the deck” e nel 1992 pubblicarono “funkyworld: the best of lipps inc.”. Le canzoni principali sono: “funky town” e “how long” col testo principale “how long has this been goin’ on how long has this been goin on how long has this been goin on how long has this been goin on? Well your friends with their fancy persuasion don’t admit that it’s part of a scheme but i can’t help but have my suspicion ‘cause i ain’t quite as dumb as i seem well you said you were never intending to break up our scene in this way but there ain’t any use in pretending it could happen to us every day “second chorus and second same stanza”.

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